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Among the many new features in Timothy’s All New
Ultimate Crossword Experience are

  • LIVE COMMENTARY while solving. Text, audio, graphics, and even videos keep you posted on how you are doing. This includes LIVE AUDIO from Timothy Parker based on how well you are solving your puzzle.
  • HIDDEN GEMS INCLUDING RIDDLES in most crosswords, with HIDDEN GEMS answers HIDDEN in the solved crossword.
  • Various Daily Gems, including a mix of Stunning facts, Audio and Text tips, Joke of the Day, Word of the Day, Inspirational sayings and even the occasional Timothy Parker DRUM SOLO for motivation.
  • Clue pulse ™ and Direction Pulse ™. Never lose your place in a crossword with pulsing place indicators.
  • Daily tournaments. Play solo or against others, often for discounts from our affiliate partners such as Amazon, Best Buys, and dozens of major retailers.
  • 10 varieties of crosswords, including new dailies and puzzles from Timothy Parker’s 18,000 crossword archive. Puzzle types include:
  • Daily Tournament Crossword – The all new daily with no rules. Anything goes… and Timothy means ANYTHING GOES.
  • Puntastics – Crosswords that make solvers think outside the box. Filled with as many puns as possible.
  • Trivia Crossword – Crossword puzzles with mostly trivia questions for clues.
  • Family Time – The completely reworked classic founded in 2003. Stuffed with interactive live commentary, the (K) kids are for kids. Fun for the entire family.
  • Timothy’s “FAMOUS” crossword – If it’s famous, it’s in there
  • Fast ‘N Easy Crossword – Perfect for beginners, this is an entry level crossword perfect for fast, fun solving.
  • Sports – Remastered sports-themed crosswords from Timothy’s vast archives.
  • Music Crosswords – Completely remastered and updated, fun music themed crosswords for all audiences.
  • Nostalgic Entertainment – Crosswords from a time past featuring clues from Old Hollywood, classic songs, etc. Nostalgia at its best.
  • Grab Bag – The potpourri category. Finances, science, the arts, could be anything and everything.